Upcoming Events – Summer 2014

This summer is shaping up to be quite hectic so far.  I will be attending three conferences, writing a scholarship application, working on a review of a digital edition (to hopefully score my first publication), and then traveling stateside in August to work on a TEI-XML encoding project, before a brief vacation, and then another conference in September.

Here’s what it looks like so far:

June 2 – Jonas Söderholm’s Mid Term Seminar – Borås, Sweden

June 5 -Karin Dessne Thesis Defense – Borås, Sweden

June 11 – Monika Lassi Thesis Defense – Borås, Sweden

June 12 through 14 – DHBeNeLux Conferece – The Hague

June 18 – Las Björk Final Seminar – Borås, Sweden

June 18 through 24 – Study trip – Gothenburg, Sweden

July 1 – ASIST Scholarship application due – Borås, Sweden

July 6 through 13 – DH2014 Conference – Lausanne, Switzerland

July 13 through 19- DH Oxford Summer School – Oxford, UK

July 31 – Review of Aloys Fleischmann Digital Edition due – Cologne, Germany

August 1 through 31 – TEI-XML encoding project – Eugene, Oregon

September 1 through 12 – Vacation – PNW

September 13- Return to Europe – Gothenburg/Borås, Sweden

September 14-19 – DiXiT Camp 2 – Graz, Austria


Ongoing projects include creating summer bibliographies for topics such as new media, digital scholarly editions, critical digitization, digital humanities (in general), and quantitative methodology.

As I attend the conferences and continue to work on these bibliographies, expect reviews that will give insight into my learning and probably a lot of questions I raise that will have to be worked out with the help of yet more reading, writing, and meetings with supervisors.



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